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Creating the Wondertruck


We had a dream! Nothing as important as Martin Luther King’s dream, but a dream none the less. A dream to be able to take Almost Famous Burgers out of the confines of the 4 restaurants in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool and out into the big wide world.


Wondertruck Famous

We wanted to be able to feed people naughty, delicious burgers at festivals, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more always making sure that they were up to the high standards of the restaurants.

We didn’t want to dish out the cardboard burgers that you normally get out of a food truck, the ones that you have to disguise the taste of with copious amounts of ketchup and glow-in-the-dark mustard, no, we wanted to provide absolute taste sensations made with patties of 100% beef served up on brioche buns.

Well now we’ve made our dreams come true with the creation of the Almost Famous Wondertruck. This thing is beyond our wildest dreams though! It looks insane and will turn heads at whatever event it arrives at before we even fire up the grills.

We built it form the chassis up, stripping back a big 7.2 metre Mercedes Vario to its shell and then installing state of the art cooking equipment, just like the stuff we use in the restaurants – it was the only way we could ensure that we brought the best to your event.

Now we’ve got the Wondertruck built we’re itching to get out on the road and start putting in the miles to bring Almost Famous Burgers to you so if you’ve got an event coming up, a wedding, a festival, a corporate event, a party, then get in touch and have the Wondertruck bring wonder to your event!