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The Wondertruck and Parklife


One of the places you can expect to see the Almost Famous Wondertruck is at festivals and it was at one such festival that we sent the Wondertruck out on it’s first mission.


Wondertruck at Parklife

Parklife is something of a phenomenon around our hometown of Manchester so we were stoked when the organisers got in touch with us and asked us if we would be able to provide Almost Famous burgers for the masses and the VIPs, just as we had done the previous year.

Little did they know that we had an ace up our sleeve as we were in the process of building our baby, the Wondertruck! This bespoke event catering machine was just the ticket for filling a spot near the main stage at Parklife and making sure that there was quality food available over the weekend.

We rocked up on the Friday before the festival and found our pitch, just to the left of stage and in no time were set up. The beauty of the Wondertruck is it can pretty much roll into any event and within minutes be serving awesome burgers.



So that was it, nothing more to do until the following morning other than enjoy The Courteeners gig that was on at Heaton Park the night before. Saturday came and it was time to load up the support van with stock and head back to Heaton Park with the crew and await the arrival of the masses. And arrive they did in their hundreds! It didn’t take long for the Wondertruck and it’s unique looks to draw the attention of the festival goers and we started firing out Wonderburgers left, right and centre.

This was the first time anyone had tried the Wonderburger, the Bacon Wonder or the Big Wonder and it’s fair to say they went down a treat. We’d even created a special burger just for the weekend, the Parklife Weekender, with added bacon, bacon, Bacon Bacon mayo and more bacon!

We loved it, the Parklifers loved it and we can’t wait to do the next one. Keep your eyes on our Twitter @afwondertruck to see where we’re heading next.